I first read this book as part of my grade 7 curriculum over 20 years ago. Already an avid reader by that age, I normally didn't like being forced to read books that "were good for me". However I am very glad that I did read this one, and it was a very enjoyable read - in fact I recall devouring it over a weekend. Now 20 years on I don't really remember much of the events in the book, but I do recall are the impressions and lessons that it left with me:
- the value of caring for those weaker than you
- the knowledge that no problem is too great to be overcome
- The difference between needing something and wanting it
- the value of improvising, and making do with what you've got
- the importance of thinking your problems through
- the value of safety in numbers
I am hoping to introduce this book to my video game addicted nephew... Wish me luck

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